A brand new game called “Frat Party Games: Beer Pong” has been developed for the Nintendo Wii.

JV Games Vice President Jag Jaeger gave a really thought provoking response to each the criticisms, stating that “The game “BEER pong” wasn’t about alcohol, but instead the growing sport that has developed about BEER pong. There is even a World collection of BEER Pong that’s held in Las Vegas where contestants vie for $50,000 in prize money.”

“The thing is, it is becoming a really well-known game.” – Jag Jaeger

Yeah… Basically he is only explained how this is a famous game for ADULTS IN VEGAS… So lets market it to children, right… Also, what do you think they invest that $50,000 prize money on?

To make things even more humorous, the Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal who had been utterly outraged, successfully got JV Games to change the title of the game to “Pong Toss”. Uhh… Why not just give the game a higher score, that’s all folks are complaining about. We do not care if a person makes a game called “Beer Pong” or “Sex Courses” for the Wii simply don’t promote it to an era that it is obviously not suitable for.

Changing the title is as silly as advertising it to teenagers in the first location. Together with changing the name they have cleverly decided to eliminate all references to beer from the game and name. Problem solved! Because most of us know 13 – 20 year olds are simply way to dumb to figure out that the game is all about beer… Or to figure out that it was formerly named “Bat Removal“.

Yes, it’s all pretty ridiculous, but on the plus side, if you are over 21, you do not need to purchase ping pong cups or balls or perhaps a table!

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